Rep. Durhal Sworn In
Rep. Durhal Sworn In

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Speaking at Durhal Townhall
Speaking at Durhal Townhall

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In the Community Speaking
In the Community Speaking

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Rep. Durhal Sworn In
Rep. Durhal Sworn In

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Dear Friend,


I am YOUR State Representative, Fred Durhal, and the Assistant Democratic Leader of the Michigan House of Representatives. In 2014, you put your trust, faith, and support in me, as you overwhelmingly elected me to serve my first term in the Michigan House of Representatives. Today, I have the honor of serving you every day in Lansing, as your State Representative. I take the responsibility of representing you very seriously. I work hard every day to ensure that I am making policies that make District 5, the City of Detroit, and the entire State of Michigan somewhere we can be proud of. I am running for Re-Election because I love my District, City, and State, and will do all in my power to fight for and protect it.


Since day one of my term, I hit the ground running and working for you! There are many things we have accomplished in my first term such as:


  • Sponsored and Passed HB 4187, a bill to provide safety for our seniors, Children, and Motorist in our communities

  • Sponsored HB 4208 to “Ban the Box” to give returning citizens a fair chance of employment when they return from jail or prison

  • Sponsored HB 4492, my “Equal Pay for Equal Work” bill, which will ensure that Women in Michigan earn the same amount of pay that their Male counterparts do

  • Securing over $200,000 dollars to restore the Dexter Elmhurst Community Center

  • Saving Detroit’s Revenue Sharing from being cut by Republicans ($5.8 Million Dollars)

  • Saving the “Flip the Script” Program Goodwill Industries from being eliminated ($2 Million Dollars)

  • Saving DAPCEP (Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program) from being eliminated.($340,000 dollars)

  • Saving the Michigan Conservation Corps. Program for Youth from being eliminated. ($1 Million Dollars)

  • Securing over $15 Million dollars for road projects in District 5

  • Secured $75,000 Dollars for Wayne State University for a Metric Study for students

  • Sponsored and Co-Sponsored over 100 Bills and Resolutions


I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that the issues we are dealing with in Michigan are not very serious. The Flint Water Crisis has been one of the biggest tragedies in the history of our state. The decline of Detroit Public Schools, one of the largest districts in our state, has been detrimental to our children. Finally, the trust of the citizens in government has been tested too often. I always keep the optimism that we will resolve these issue and find solutions.


In Lansing, I oppose Republicans who have not had the best interests of our citizens at heart.

Over the past two years, Republicans in Lansing have made policies that have done the following:


  • Threaten Democracy, such as implementation of the Emergency Manager Law.

  • Harm Public Education in our State.

  • Interfered with a Woman’s Right to Choose.

  • Eliminate Fairness and Equality for everyone, regardless to gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

  • Attack our Middle Class by putting "Profits before People".

  • Strip workers in Michigan of their rights to organize.

  • Failed to properly invest in our infrastructure, such as our roads and highways.

  • Failed to invest in our environment so our citizens can have clean water, air, and energy alternatives.

  • Interfere with our Voting Rights, making voting more difficult.

  • Hurt the most vulnerable and attack the Safety Net in our State.


I have fought against these policies every day in Lansing and will continue to fight for you and what is right.


During my first campaign, I expressed the vision that I wanted to make Michigan a place where we can get Citizens Back to Work, Protect our seniors, Children, and Workers, Invest in Education and make our schools great, make our Neighborhoods safer, Protect our Safety Net for those less fortunate, and make our citizens proud to live in our State.


I expressed to you that “If we work together, we can accomplish anything.” Working together with you in my first term, we have accomplished many things, however, OUR work is not done. This is why I am asking you to send your fighter, your Leader, and Your Representative back to Lansing to finish what we have started. We will succeed together, because failure, is not an option.


Working with You and Fighting for You,




Hon. Fred Durhal

Assistant Democratic Leader

State Representative – 5th District

October 2014

Beyond the Bushes: Political Dynasties in State and Local


American Politics is a forest filled with intricate family trees, and many offices seem almost hereditary.


Dylan Scott

Governing Magazine


Fred Durhal III has spent most of his 30 years immersed in Michigan politics. His father was chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Barbara-Rose Collins in the 1990s, and family dinners with Collins were part of the routine. Since 2002, the elder Durhal has served on and off as an elected representative in the Michigan House, and his son has spent the past several years by his side in Lansing as a campaign worker and then a legislative aide. Father and son would sit together in committee meetings and on the House floor. Rep. Durhal would explain to his son the workings of the legislature and why the appropriations committee was the most important in the Capitol. Today, Durhal III will occasionally slip into calling his father “Rep.”


But going into politics wasn’t always the plan for Durhal III. He played trombone in high school and spent some time studying with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. “Like everybody, you kind of run away from what your parents do,” he says, “away from the family business.”


And his father never intended to groom a political heir. “I didn’t want my kids to be politicians. It can be a rough life,” says Rep. Durhal, who acknowledges that the rigors of political life contributed to his divorce from his sons’ mother while they were still young. “It can take away from your ability to spend time with family like you really want to. There is a sacrifice that you make.”


Nonetheless, Durhal III was eventually drawn to the idea of running for office himself. “I got the political fever,” he says. Five years ago, he announced to his father that he wanted to run to replace him once he was term-limited out in 2014. Since then, the legislative education from father to son has intensified. Occasionally, they’ll squabble over a vote taken by the older Durhal, who has been known to retort, “I’m the Rep. right now.” But if next month’s election goes as anticipated -- the elder Durhal won by huge margins in his three campaigns -- there will soon be another member of the family who will go by “Rep.”


The Durhals of Detroit are a budding political dynasty, but the tradition is almost as old as American democracy itself.


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