Every citizen in Michigan deserves Equal Rights, regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation or economic status.


In the last four years, the Republican led legislature has attacked Women, and LGBT Rights.


The passage of bad legislation by Republicans against women, have been an attack to a Woman's right to have Equal Pay for Equal Work. On average, a woman makes and earns .77 cents to every $1.00 that a man makes in the same position. If we are to advance and have fairness for all people, we must support legislation to increase the pay and benefits for women and minorities who are educated and trained the same. 


Durhal Supports Equal Pay for Equal Work. 


In Michigan, the most atrocious legislation in years has been passed and it is an attack against every woman in Michigan. Women are now told what they can and cannot do with their Choice and Reproductive Rights. In Michigan, a Woman's Health Insurance provider is no longer required to cover the termination of a pregnancy. A woman's reproductive health should not be decided by Politicians.


Fred Durhal SUPPORTS a Woman's Right to Choose and OPPOSES any legislation that is detrimental to Women's Rights.


Finally, we cannot grow as a State, if we do not include every citizen. LGBT rights are important. DISCRIMINATION IS DISCRIMINATION, even if it is dealing with a person's sexual orientation. Members of the LGBT community deserve the same rights as every citizen in Michigan, including adoption rights for same-sex couples. Everyone deserves rights to benefits and the right to not be discriminated against. 


Fred Durhal Supports LBGT Rights and Marriage Equality.


In the State Capitol, Durhal will:


- Repeal legislation that is against Women's Rights. 


- Support Equal Pay for Equal Work legislation.


- Support Marriage Equality Rights regardless to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.


- Fight for fairness and equality for all Michigan Citizen's even after all same sex marriages are recognized.


- Support legislation granting full adoption rights for same-sex couples.