Rep.Fred Durhal


State Rep. Fred Durhal is a proud Democrat currently serving in his first term in the Michigan House of Representatives. Rep. Durhal is seeking re-election for his second term in the 5th District, which encompasses Central Detroit, the lower West Side of Detroit and Southwest Detroit.


Rep. Fred Durhal is the Assistant Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives, making him the 3rd Ranking Democrat in the House, and the Highest Ranking Democrat from Detroit. Durhal serves on the House Appropriations Committee as a Minority Vice Chair on General Government, and also serves on the Corrections Committee.


Fred Durhal was raised and educated in the City of Detroit, where he was born to Fred and Martha Durhal. He is the second eldest of six children. Durhal received his primary and secondary education within the Detroit Public Schools district, attending Guyton Elementary, Spain Middle School, and later graduating from the Detroit School of Arts. He then went on to attend Eastern Michigan University where he studied Political Science and Music Education.


Durhal has both experience and a passion for education, working in the community and neighborhood stabilization. He has served as a member of AmeriCorps for the Downriver CARES program, where he managed a program in Northwest Detroit as a literacy director to improve the literacy rate of children ages 0-5. He has also worked in collaboration with Village Builders of Northwest Detroit and Motor City Blight Busters to help remove blight from our community. Interested in the welfare of our communities in Michigan, Durhal has worked with Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild communities in Detroit. In 2004, he traveled to Benton Harbor with Habitat for Humanity, where he participated in rebuilding over 50 homes in a weekend.



Durhal is also an advocate for social justice and a fighter for civil rights. In 2011, Durhal traveled back to Benton Harbor to oppose and protest Public Act 4, the Emergency Financial Manager law. He and civil rights leaders such as Rev. Jesse Jackson, Congressman John Conyers and his father State Representative Durhal (Chair Emeritus of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus), then spent time across the State of Michigan fighting the Emergency Financial Manager law.



Durhal has been involved in politics for most of his life. His father, Fred Durhal, Jr., current State Representative for Michigan’s 5th District, exposed him to politics and public service at a very young age. Durhal has spent a significant amount of time around politicians, leaders and public servants, observing how government service works. He is currently the only candidate to have spent time sitting on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives observing legislative sessions on a regular basis. As a term of endearment, many Representatives have referred to him as “the Rep. in Waiting.” Being involved and engaged, Durhal has also worked on many Democratic campaigns for offices on the City/Municipal, County, State, and Federal levels, helping to get Democrats elected in various capacities. In 2013, he managed his father’s Detroit Mayoral Campaign, and has also been a Political Consultant to many other campaigns.



Durhal resides on the west side of Detroit in District 5, in the Russell Woods/Sullivan Community.


Durhal is a member of and worships at Unity Baptist Church in Detroit, Dr. Lee C. Winfrey, Sr. Pastor and Dr. V.D. Stotts, Pastor Emeritus. 


Durhal is a member of the National Black Conference of State Legislators, National Conference of State Legislators, the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus, the Michigan Legislative Hispanic Caucus, Progressive Women's Caucus,  an Eleanor Roosevelt Member of the Michigan Democratic Party, a member of Young Democrats of America, the Detroit Branch of the NAACP, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Russell Woods Sullivan Community Org., Barton McFarlane Community Org., Littlefield Community Org.and a former member of the Teamster’s Union. He is also a former board member of the Dexter Elmhurst Community Center, and is formerly the President of Wayne County Progress PAC.