The Issues

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Neighborhood stabilization and public safety

  •  Address the issues of blight, demolition, and abandonment. Work to ensure abandoned structures are demolished or rehabbed, depending on structural stability.


  •     Work to rebuild communities by working with local community leaders

and block clubs.


  •     Create recreational facilities in District 7 for seniors and youth.

Work to improve community/police relations.


  •      Improve police response time by working to hire more officers and increase their pay commensurate to other cities and municipalities.

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Budget And policy creation of ordinances and programs


  • Work to ensure that programs are created within the budget that benefit city residents.

  • Ensure the creation of skill trade programs, vocational programs, youth development, and wrap around services for citizens.

  • Work to create extended moratorium programs for water shut offs and foreclosure.

  • Create ordinances that benefit the growth of our communities, protect the rights of our citizens, and level the playing field for minority contractors.

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Job and Economic Development


  •   Work to create more job opportunities for city residents.


  •     Ensure job opportunities pay a LIVING WAGE ($15+ per hour) for workers.


  • Work to protect union workers rights under new and existing contractual agreements within city government.


  • Limit non-union contract workers and hire union workers where feasible.